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RF and Microwave custom prototyping

The MIClab team works, primarily, in the area of wireless, RF, microwave, and analog circuit and system design and development. The MICLab offers his service through the MIDRA Consortium. Here is a brief outline of the services offered by MICLab RF and Microwave Engineering Consultant services.

Design Frequencies:
From DC to 20 GHz

System Level Design: 
System architectures analysis, modeling, link budgets, intermodulation and noise figure analysis; Digital/Analog communications systems; RFID systems WLAN, ZigBee, 802.11 UWB systems

Circuit Level Design:
receivers - superheterodyne, direct conversion;
broadband transmitters - lower power transmitters; local oscillators - including VCO's phase-locked loops and synthesizers mixers  - IQ IMR modulators and demodulators; filters - including active, passive, and electronically tunable couplers, matching networks and transmission lines 

Computer-Aided Engineering:
EM (Sonnet), ADS (Agilent), or customer's preferred platform 

Prototype Design:
refinement of prototypes for high volume production

Home page - Consulting and Services - RF and Microwave custom prototyping
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