New : Advances on Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers

Venerdý, 02 Marzo 2012 - 11:52 Stampa la notizia: Advances on Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers

Miclab Researchers demonstrated for the first time a dual-band Envelope Tracking  Power Amplifier suitable for 870 MHz and 2140 MHz WDCMA signals. The prototype was based on the GaN HEMT RFMD RF3934 and provided 240 W peak power and 58 % average efficiency.

The activity has been carried on in cooperation with the Nujira Ltd, a company based in Cambridge (UK), which is leader in the market of the envelope modulators.

The design approach has involved a number of techniques already devlelope in Florence and the experties of the Nujira team in ET system test. The results shown the impact of the peak-to-average ratio on the optimum terminations and the impact of the ET shaping function influence on the linearity versus mean efficiency trade-off. The experimental results reported record achievements: total power of 48.5 dBm with an average efficiency of 58.5 % at the lower frequency band, while 47.4 dBm and 37.4% for the peak power and average DE respectively were measured at the higher band.

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